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200 ml Plastic Cleaning Hand Trigger Spray Bottle

200 ml Plastic Cleaning Hand Trigger Spray Bottle

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Excellent Trigger Mechanism: The sprayer is equipped with a reliable and efficient trigger mechanism that ensures a consistent and easy-to-control spray.
Small Nozzle Design: The sprayer has a small nozzle that allows for precise spraying. This design is especially suitable for tasks that require targeted application.
No Blockage: The sprayer is designed to prevent blockages, ensuring that the nozzle remains clear and functional even when used with mixtures or liquids that might clog other sprayers.

The sprayer has a wide range of potential uses, including:

  • Plant Care: Perfect for misting succulents, herbs, and other plants to maintain optimal moisture levels.
  • Home Use: Ideal for creating a spray for ironing clothes, moisturizing hair, or making a non-toxic bug repellent.
  • Pet Care: Can be used to apply flea spray or neutralize odors on pets and their belongings.
  • Air Freshener: Suitable for creating a natural air freshener for different rooms in your house.
  • Cleaning Solutions: Great for spraying floor or carpet cleaners, vinegar and water mixtures for window cleaning, and more.
  • Bathroom Use: Useful as a bathroom deodorizer and for various cleaning tasks.
  • Aesthetic Design: The clean and aesthetically pleasing design of the sprayer makes it suitable for leaving on your kitchen or bathroom counter without looking out of place.




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